Ransomed Life exists to care for survivors, victims, and the "at-risk" of commercial sexual exploitation of minors.  Our vision is to see every exploited youth redeemed and restored.

The abuse has taken place in the context of relationships and we believe that healing will also come from relationships. Each bond formed between the girl and our volunteers are mutually transforming.  Not only is it impacting the lives of the girls, but also the lives of each volunteer.  

We accomplish restoration through our 4 pillars of Hope: Mentoring, Education, Community Engagement, and Counseling - Restoration.   



One-on-one Mentoring

Ransomed Life is one of the only organization in San Antonio that offers mentoring for this specific demographic.  Our mentors are in contact with the girls on a weekly basis.  One of the main goals of the mentor program is to have a personal relationship with the girls in order to walk through life with them. Ransomed Life takes a holistic approach to each activity in order to encompass spiritual, mental, behavioral, and physical care, while having fun. 

Community Engagement

Ransomed Life believes in the importance of awareness.  Engaging with the community about the realities of sex trafficking is key to the success in the fight against trafficking. Our team educates schools, churches, businesses and many other community organizations all across San Antonio bringing awareness to the dangers and realities of sex trafficking. We have also been able to integrate, TRAPS, to our youth and the "at-risk", which equips them to recognize the tricks and lures of traffickers.  Our goal is to keep as many youth as possible from falling into the traps of sex trafficking.  



We believe education is vital for our girls on their journey of healing and restoration. Ransomed Life has witnessed survivors try to integrate back into the typical school setting with little success due to trauma, social unrest, and various setbacks. Therefore, we will work with each girl to make sure her education is a priority, connecting her with resources to complete her education and pursue higher education goals.                                         


Counseling & Restoration

Ransomed Life offers one-on-one, family, and group trauma-informed counseling for survivors of DMST and those at high-risk.  Our Licensed Professional Counselors are trained to work with victims of sexual trauma and/or trafficking in order to address each individual as a whole. Coming soon, Ransomed Life will be opening Ransomed Life LOCAL, which will serve as a hub for all of our activities with the girls. We will have cooking classes, art therapy, music lessons, and a garden as a part of their restoration.